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Advanced Welding

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Course Details

Course Target group : Completed basic welding course or shall be able to perform welding in 3F position in all SMAW, GTAW, GMAW & FCAW Processes.
Course Overview/Objectives :

This course is design to learn knowledge and practical skills in structural and plate welding on groove weld in various welding processes such as SMAW, GMAW, GTAW & FCAW. Upon completion of this course, candidate will be able to perform complete structural and plate welding on various jobs up to overhead position (4G).

Course Content:
  • Safety in Welding, Precautions in Welding
  • Welding Machines, Polarity and its types
  • Welding Processes, Types of Joints
  • Weld edge preparation (Root gap, Root face, Groove Angle), Method of WEP
  • Various types of Electrodes/Consumable and its uses.
  • Different types of Welding Position and its process to perform Welding
  • Arc length, and various types of Welding Faults
  • Introduction of GMAW/SMAW/FCAW/SAW its Limitation and Advantage in today’s industry
  • GMAW/SMAW/FCAW/SAW equipment set-up and various shielding gases used.
  • Consumables used for GMAW/SMAW/FCAW/SAW on various materials.
  • Various advance welding Processes its equipment set-up….advantage and uses
  • Solution for matching welding joints done by more than 2 operators using different welding
  • Knowledge of Non-destructive test of weld and material (RT, MPI, LPT, UT)
  • Welding discontinuity and its remedies.
  • Knowledge on welding inspection, welding code, welder certification and procedure qualification.
  • Practical demonstration on various process used on site with correct working practice.
  • Welding in 1G/2G/3G & 4G position (SMAW, GTAW, GMAW & FCAW)
  • Practical Exercises in Gas Welding, Gas Brazing on various type of joints and positions.
  • Practical Exercises in Gas Cutting.