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Blasting & Painting

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Course Details

Course Target group : Unskilled, Semi-skilled People with no or less working experience.

Course Overview/Objectives : This course is design to learn hands on skill in shot blasting and painting on metal surfaces by the use of brush and Air Spray. Upon completion of this course, candidate will be able to perform blasting and painting on various metals.

Course Content:
  • Metal pre-treatment such as scraping, rubbing by emery cloth, wire brushes, buffing etc.
  • Metal pre-treatment such as pickling & shot blasting etc.
  • Primary colours, colour blendings by mixing of various ingredients in different colours for brush painting & spray painting.
  • Preparing of surfaces for primary coat, intermediate & Final coat of different metals, practicing by brushes of various sizes setting and application practice.
  • Practice on metal surfaces with the help of spray painting plants with compressed air.