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Course Details

Course Target group : Completed basic welding course or shall be able to perform welding in GTAW & GMAW Processes up to 4F.
Course Overview/Objectives :

This course is design to learn knowledge and practical skills in GTAW, GMAW & FCAW welding on groove weld in various welding processes. Upon completion of this course, candidate will be able to perform welding on various jobs in GTAW, GMAW & FCAW.

Course Content:
  • Introduction of GTAW and GMAW.
  • TIG & MIG Welding Machines and its correct operating method,
  • TIG & MIG Welding Limitation and Advantage in today’s industry.
  • Welding Polarity and its types
  • Welding Processes, Types of Joints
  • Various types of Electrodes and its uses.
  • Different types of Welding Position and its process to perform Welding
  • Arc length, and various types of Welding Faults
  • Process, Method and consumable for Stainless Steel Welding.
  • Equipment set-up and Shielding Gas used.
  • Various type of filler metal used for GTAW and GMAW
  • Various types of shielding for welding.
  • Practical exercises on various joints up to 4G position in TIG & MIG welding