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Welding Inspector/ Supervisor/Foreman


Course Details

Course Target group : Welding supervisor/Inspector/Engineer/Welder with min 5 years experience
Course Overview/Objectives :

This course is design to learn knowledge and practical skills in welding inspection. Upon completion of this course, candidate will be able to carry out all welding inspection.

Course Content:
  • General Safety, Accident and its Causes, Safety Precautions. Safety in Welding, Precautions in
  • Welding (Before, During and After)
  • Welding Machines, Polarity and its types, Welding Processes, Types of Joints
  • Weld edge preparation (Root gap, Root face, Groove Angle), Method of WEP
  • Various types of Electrodes/Consumable and its uses.
  • Different types of Welding Position and its process to perform Welding,
  • Introduction of GMAW/SMAW/FCAW/SAW its Limitation and Advantage in today’s industry.
  • GMAW/SMAW/FCAW/SAW equipment set-up and various shielding gases used.
  • Consumables used for GMAW/SMAW/FCAW/SAW on various materials.
  • Various advance welding Processes its equipment set-up….advantage and uses.
  • Solution for matching welding joints done by more than 2 operators using different welding.
  • Knowledge of Non-destructive test of weld and material (RT, MPI, LPT, UT)
  • Welding discontinuity and its remedies.
  • Knowledge on welding inspection, welding code, welder certification and procedure qualification.
  • Practical demonstration on various process used on site with correct working practice.
  • Knowledge of various codes such as ASME Sec. IX, AWS D1.1, API 1104.
  • On job corrective method and various exercises on job.
  • Explain and identify welding terms and definitions
  • Explain how to specify various weld types and nondestructive testing properly -using standard AWS welding symbols
  • Explain basic ferrous welding metallurgy
  • Welding on dissimilar materials
  • Describe post weld heat treatments & its design, residual stresses ,welding quality control
  • Explain common weld defects, causes, and corrective actions
  • Identify major considerations when designing a weld
  • Weld ability of metals, testing and inspection techniques.
  • Weld Design, Development, Planning, Production and produce quality welds, reliably economically.
  • Estimation of welding job- design the repairing & rebuild job, calculate the quantity of consumables, choice of electrode as per the parent material specification and working load.

Practical intensive exercises – (One Day)

  • RT Film interpretation
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Making of Welding Procedure and qualification Record
  • Making of welder certification as per various international code.
  • Preparation of Various On-Job Inspection Report
  • Inspection of Welding